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High Brightness 3 Modes Solar Garden Wall Lights Landscape Lighting

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  • Model: FY-WL26
  • Color: Black
  • Power: 50W
  • Battery: 18650 lithium
  • Panel: Separate
  • FY-WL26








18650*1PC  1200mah

Solar panel




IP grade



Multi-angle adjustable

Color box






Carton size


Carton weight


What is the difference between COB and SMD of solar light?

They are different types of LED technologCOB (chip on board) and SMD (surface mounted device) are different types of LED construction in solar applications.

1. COB

Multiple LED chips mounted on a single board, These chips are packed together.

2. SMD

Individual LED chips are mounted on the surface of the printed board (PCB). 

COB Has higher density which can offer high brightness in a small area.

SMD Is comparatively smaller, while they provide more even light distribution on a large area.


I hesitated when purchasing the solar wall light, don't know if I need a remote control? Their prices are different

Whether to equip a remote control when purchasing solar wall lights depends mainly on your personal needs and budget.

The turning on and off of this solar wall light is achieved through a built-in controller, which has a photoresistor and timer, and can intelligently control the working status of the light. If you have a need to adjust the brightness of the lights, they are equipped with manual knobs that can be used to adjust the brightness without the need for a remote control.

However, if you want more convenient control of the light's switch and brightness, or if your wall light is located in a location that is not easily accessible, equipping it with a remote control may be a good choice. The remote control allows you to conveniently control the on/off and brightness of lights in certain indoor locations, improving the convenience of life.

In terms of price, solar wall lights with a remote control are usually more expensive than those without a remote control. Therefore, if you are price sensitive or believe that you do not need the functionality of a remote control, choosing wall lights without a remote control may be more economical.

Overall, whether to equip a remote control mainly depends on your personal needs and budget. Before making a purchase, you can consider your usage scenario, as well as your needs for light on/off and brightness adjustment, and then make the most suitable choice for you.

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Factory tour


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