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This is a project in the Philippines 2022.

Model FY-SLT42 all in two designed solar street light were used at this project, with upgraded battery capacity to provide higher lumen & lighting hours.

With a separate solar panel, it's charging fast which enables the battery to get fully charged with only 5H, and it comes 3 rainy days with motion sensor.

Client is happy with this model and we're discussing another project with FY-SLT42 probably with higher specification.

This is a project in Nigeria 2023.

With 2023 new designed model FY-SLT54 bifacial (double side panel) all in one solar street light, customer purchased 68 sets for a car park project, and we have done customized warm white emitting + upgraded battery capacity to ensure 100% brightness for whole night (with 2 rainy days).

Due to product feature (bifacial panel) it's charging fast even with same panel size, the backside panel charging about 30% additional during daytime.

This model is really hot selling this year and it will be a trendy design in the future.

Lebanon project retail FY-SLT56

This is model FY-SLT56 high end aluminum housing solar street light, to a client from Lebanon.
This customer is doing retail business offline, and now he is starting his business on facebook as well.
His customers are very happy with the quality, just some customers are a bit price sensative, so we are talking another solution to get a more cost efficient specification to meet the high demand with this high end model.
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