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Outdoor Aluminum Casing Solar Powered Led Lawn Light With Super Bright Led Chip

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  • Model: FY-LL04
  • Color: Black
  • Power: 10W
  • Battery: lithium battery
  • Panel: Separate
  • FY-LL04







Solar panel

5.5V 3.3W

Lithium battery

3.7V 2000mAh


Aluminum + glass

Emitting color


IP grade


Charging time


Lighting time

About 10H





CTN size


CTN weight



Yard, lawn etc.

What is the difference between aluminum and plastic in the material selection of solar powered tea lamps?

The material selection for solar powered ground mounted lamps, aluminum and plastic each have their unique charm. Aluminum, a metal material that is not only sturdy and durable, but also corrosion-resistant, can maintain stable performance in various adverse weather conditions. Its appearance has a high-end texture, and through carefully designed surface treatments such as spray painting and oxidation, it can display rich colors and delicate textures, adding a touch of beautiful scenery to outdoor spaces.

In contrast, plastic floor lamps are favored for their lightweight and convenience. The lightweight characteristics of plastic make the installation process more convenient and efficient, without the need for excessive labor and tools. Meanwhile, the price of plastic floor mounted lamps is relatively affordable, suitable for consumers who pursue cost-effectiveness. Although plastic may be slightly inferior in durability to aluminum, its unique texture and visual effects can also add a unique aesthetic to outdoor environments.

Therefore, when selecting materials for solar ground mounted lamps, comprehensive consideration should be given to individual needs and budget. If you pursue high-quality and durable products and are willing to pay more for them, then aluminum floor lamps will be your ideal choice. If you want to achieve beautification effects within a limited budget, then plastic floor lights are also a good choice. No matter which materials are chosen, they can bring unique light and shadow charm to outdoor spaces, adding a warm and pleasant atmosphere to your life.

How does the intelligent light control of solar powered ground mounted lamps work?

The intelligent light control of solar plug-in lights is mainly based on the sensing of changes in ambient light intensity by photoresistors to achieve operation. When the surrounding light intensity changes, the photosensitive sensor will convert these signals into electrical signals through photosensitive components. These electrical signals will be processed and converted through a series of circuits, such as amplification, filtering, and digitization, for subsequent control of light brightness and color temperature adjustment.

The intelligent light control lamp integrates intelligent control chips and software systems inside. After processing the electrical signal, according to the preset lighting adjustment strategy, the intelligent control system will automatically adjust the brightness and color temperature of the lights to achieve more comfortable and energy-saving lighting effects. In addition, the intelligent light control can also obtain more environmental information, such as time, weather, etc. through the Internet connection, and use algorithms for intelligent control.

In solar lamp control, intelligent light control automatically senses changes in ambient light and intelligently controls the opening and closing of solar lamps. When it is dark or the ambient light is insufficient, the intelligent light control will automatically turn on the solar lighting fixtures; When the sun rises or the ambient light is sufficient, the intelligent light control will automatically turn off the solar lights, thereby achieving the goal of energy conservation and environmental protection.

In the intelligent light control system of solar powered ground lamps, in addition to the photosensitive resistor sensing the intensity of ambient light, other sensors are also included, such as temperature sensors and humidity sensors. These sensors can help the system gain a more comprehensive understanding of the current environmental conditions, enabling more precise control.

For example, when the temperature sensor detects a low ambient temperature, the intelligent light control system may adjust the color temperature of the lamp to emit warmer light and provide a comfortable lighting environment. Similarly, when the humidity sensor detects high environmental humidity, the system may adjust the brightness of the lighting fixtures to avoid moisture evaporation caused by excessive lighting.

In addition, the intelligent light control system of solar powered ground lamps may also have a timing function. Users can set specific times to automatically turn on or off the lighting fixtures to meet specific lighting needs. This timing function can help users better manage lighting equipment and save energy.

In the intelligent light control system, another important component is the battery management system. This system is responsible for monitoring and managing the charging and discharging process of solar cells, ensuring that the batteries can provide long-term and stable power supply. When the battery level is low, the battery management system will automatically adjust the working status of the lighting fixtures, such as reducing brightness or extending the shutdown time, to protect the battery life.

Finally, with the development of Internet of Things technology, the intelligent optical control system of solar ground lamps can also achieve remote control and monitoring in the near future. Users can control and monitor lighting fixtures anytime and anywhere through smartphones or other smart devices, such as adjusting brightness, color temperature, timing switches, etc. This remote control function provides users with great convenience and flexibility.

In summary, the intelligent light control system of solar ground lamps integrates multiple sensors, intelligent control algorithms, and Internet of Things technology to achieve intelligent perception and control of various factors such as environmental light intensity, temperature, humidity, etc. This intelligent light control technology not only improves the lighting effect, but also provides users with a more comfortable, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly lighting experience.

All of the above features are actually prepared for the hot sales of our company's distributors. Products with distinctive features and competitive advantages are the most valuable.










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