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Solar LED Hanging Lamp Portable USB Rechargeable Emergency Light with Hook for Outdoor Camping Tent Hiking Fishing Climbing

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  • Model: FY-CPL06
  • Color: White
  • Power: 10/20W
  • Battery: 18650 lithium battery rechargeable
  • FY-CPL06







LED chip


Lighting hours


Working mode



4 smart indicator

Charging method

Solar + USB


On/off + remote


2/3 pcs 18650

Product size


Color box






CTN size


CTN weight


I am a retailer of offline solar lighting fixtures and I am interested in an integrated solar camping light. I am hesitating whether to purchase some inventory. How do I know if this lighting fixture is easy to sell and what are the usage scenarios for end users? Is there a large market demand for solar camping lights?

As a retailer of offline solar lighting fixtures, when considering purchasing integrated solar camping lights, it is indeed necessary to analyze factors such as market demand, target user groups, and usage scenarios. Here are some suggestions to help you make a decision:

1. Market demand analysis:

-Through market research, understand the acceptance level of local consumers towards solar powered lighting fixtures, especially camping enthusiasts or outdoor activity enthusiasts.

-Analyze whether competitors are also selling similar products and understand their sales situation.

-Investigate the needs and preferences of potential customers, such as through questionnaires or interviews.

2. Target user group analysis:

-Identify the main target user groups for solar camping lights, such as camping enthusiasts, outdoor sports enthusiasts, organizers of outdoor weddings or music festivals.

-Analyze the consumption habits, purchasing power, and willingness of these users.

3. Analysis of usage scenarios:

-Consider the usage scenarios of solar camping lights, such as camping, hiking, outdoor work, outdoor gatherings, etc.

-Analyze the lighting requirements in these scenarios and how solar fixtures can meet these needs.

4. Product characteristic analysis:

-Understand the unique functions of solar camping lights, such as integrated design, waterproof performance, battery life, portability, etc.

-Analyze how these features attract the target user group and meet their needs.

5. Market demand forecast:

-Based on the above analysis, predict the potential demand for solar camping lights in the local market.

-Consider seasonal and trend factors, such as summer and holidays, which may be peak sales periods.

6. Risk assessment and response:

-Analyze potential market risks, such as intensified competition and changes in consumer demand.

-Develop corresponding response strategies, such as adjusting prices, optimizing product combinations, and strengthening marketing.

So what is unique about this lighting fixture?

This model has integrated lights, simplifying the shell size and significantly reducing the packaging size by about 80%. This further optimizes international shipping costs and significantly reduces the cost of delivering to customers, thereby increasing their sales profit and sales revenue.

Factory tour

Factory tour

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