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Comparison Between LED Light Sources And Ordinary Light Sources

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Energy is a permanent dependence of humanity, and energy conservation has become the most popular topic in recent years. 

With the continuous progress and development of society, the demand for energy is increasing, and the necessity of energy conservation is also increasing day by day.

In order to meet the needs of the situation, we have vigorously launched LED light source street lights to obtain replacing traditional street lamps with light sources to achieve more energy-efficient and efficient usage.

LED (Lighting Emitting Diode) is a type of semiconductor solid state body light-emitting devices. Against the backdrop of rising concerns about global energy shortages, energy conservation is becoming increasingly important. 

This is an important issue we will face in the future, in the field of lighting, the application of LED light-emitting products, as a new type of green light source product, is definitely attracting the attention of the world. The future development trend is that the 21st century is entering a new type of lighting source represented by LED Era.

LED is known as the fourth generation lighting source or green light source, which has the advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection, and longevity.

Due to its long lifespan and small size, it can be widely used in various indications, displays, general lighting, urban night scenery and other fields.

Advantages of LED light sources:

High energy efficiency: Energy conservation and pollution-free energy are considered environmental protection. DC drive, ultra-low power consumption, electro-optical power. The conversion rate is close to 100%, and the same lighting effect saves more than 80% energy compared to traditional light sources. Additionally, The LED circuit is powered by multiple channels, and during the use of high-power street lights, any light bead damage will not affect the overall lighting of the lamp, which is different from traditional road lights.

The unified road lights, if the light source is broken, the entire light will not light up, seriously affecting the road lighting effect and increased occurrence of repair costs. Additionally, in the new energy road lighting usage plan, it can be divided into multiple power supplies, usually from 6pm to midnight for people and vehicles outside requires full brightness for a considerable number of time periods to meet lighting needs, with fewer pedestrians and vehicles after 0:00, the requirement for brightness is not high, and half of it can be turned on and half turned off, allowing the light source to achieve half power running. It can save about half of the power consumption without affecting lighting, this also indicates that LED light sources can be set according to needs while saving energy themselves, achieved more energy-efficient results, saving energy and a significant amount of costs.

Long lifespan: LED solid cold light source, with a long service life. The surface temperature is lower than that of traditional lamps, even after using high-power LED light sources for half an hour, the surface temperature will remain constant between 50 and 60 degrees celsius, this not only increases safety but also enables the continuous use of lighting fixtures over 50000 hours, more than 10 times longer than traditional light sources, and in the long run, it also saves energy cost of replacement and labor costs are included.

Beneficial for environmental protection: With better environmental benefits, there is no ultraviolet or infrared radiation in the spectrum, and no heat, there is no radiation, low glare, and recyclable waste. There is no pollution, no mercury element, and it is cold

light source, which can be safely touched, is a typical green lighting source. 

Good color rendering: The color rendering of LED is very good, can reach 90 or above. We will compare a set of images:

LED technology

The yellow light in the above picture is the luminous effect of traditional street lights. It's difficult for us to distinguish his true color under this light. In this way, it also causes many unnecessary accidents to occur. White light is a new type of LED light source. All real colors can be clearly presented in front of you.

Characteristics of ordinary light sources:

In ordinary road lighting, high-pressure sodium lamps are the most commonly used, with strong penetration. However, high-pressure sodium lamps contain heavy metal mercury. After preheating, mercury will evaporate the heavy metal into the air, which over time poses great harm to the environment and human body. When using high-pressure sodium lamps, the surface temperature is very high, and accidental contact can cause great damage to the human body; The low color rendering is only about 30; The above diagram can provide a good explanation. The service life is about 16000 hours, and the voltage is unstable, which is also highly destructive to the sodium lamp, resulting in increased indirect maintenance costs.

Recommended models using LED technology:

Solar street light FY-SLT42

Solar garden light FY-GL03

Camping light FY-CPL07

How to source qualified supplier of LED lights supplier?

The LED street lights produced by our company (FY LIGHTING GROUP), after years of research and development, have been continuously used in practice exploring updates and summarizing the launch of LED street lights with stable performance, more energy-efficient and efficient features, which are ready to be shipped from the factory.

Previously, through repeated testing, a reasonable and evidence-based quality assurance has been formed.


























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