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LED RGB Stage Light 18W 36W with Remote for Large Amusement Parks And Tourist Attractions

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  • Model: FY-STGL01
  • Color: Black
  • Power: 18/36W
  • FY-STGL01





LED stage light specification

What should be noted about the application of stage lights in large amusement parks?

In large amusement parks, the application of stage lighting is very important. It can not only create various atmospheres and enhance the tourist experience, but also emphasize specific attractions or performances to attract the attention of tourists. Here are some things to pay attention to when applying stage lighting in large amusement parks:

1. Safety: Firstly, it is necessary to ensure that all lighting equipment and cables are in good condition and avoid using damaged equipment. In addition, use power plugs and sockets that meet safety standards to ensure stable power supply. At the same time, the position and angle of the lighting fixtures should be arranged reasonably according to the performance scene, avoiding direct sunlight into the eyes of tourists to prevent glare.

2. Energy conservation and environmental protection: When selecting lighting fixtures, priority should be given to products with higher energy efficiency to reduce energy consumption. When the amusement park is closed or does not require the use of lights, it should be turned off in a timely manner to save energy.

3. Lighting design and atmosphere: Lighting design should be coordinated with the theme and atmosphere of the amusement park. Consider using lights of different colors, intensities, and angles to create various emotions such as joy, mystery, romance, and enhance the tourist experience.

4. Smooth transition of lighting changes: When lighting changes, it is important to ensure a smooth transition and avoid sudden changes in brightness or color, in order to avoid any visual impact on tourists.

5. Equipment backup and backup: In order to avoid data loss caused by equipment failure or human damage, timely data backup should be done regularly. Meanwhile, for some critical equipment, it is best to prepare backup equipment just in case.

6. Equipment grounding and moisture and dust prevention: All lighting equipment should be properly grounded to prevent static electricity from causing harm to equipment and personnel. In addition, due to the possibility of humid and dusty environments in amusement parks, moisture-proof and dust-proof work for equipment is also very important. When not in use, dust covers should be used to prevent moisture and dust accumulation on the equipment.

7. Coordination with music: In performances or activities at amusement parks, the coordination between lighting and music is also very important. The lighting should change with the rhythm and melody of the music, creating a more moving atmosphere.










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