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RGB LED Stage Light 18W 36W for Stage Performances Drama, Musicals, Dance, Acrobatics

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  • Model: FY-STGL01
  • Color: Black
  • Power: 18/36W
  • FY-STGL01





LED stage light specification

What is the controller for stage lights and how to use it?

Have you ever been curious about how those dazzling and colorful stage lights are so precisely controlled to add color to a performance? Behind this, the stage light control system plays an indispensable role. Today, let's unveil the mystery of the stage light controller and see what it really is and how to use it.

1、What is the stage light controller?

The stage light controller is an important component of LED stage lights, used to control various effects such as on/off, brightness, color, and movement of stage lights. The stage light control system usually consists of two parts: hardware and software. Through precise programming and regulation, the stage light can play the best effect in various performances.

2、 How should we use the stage light controller?

  • Hardware connection: Firstly, connect the stage light to the controller through a dedicated cable to ensure a stable and reliable connection. At the same time, ensure the stable power supply of the controller to avoid affecting the normal use of the stage lights.

  • Software programming: Stage light controllers are usually equipped with professional software, allowing users to program stage lights and set various effects through the software. In the programming process, it is necessary to pay attention to the close integration with the performance content to achieve the best visual effect.

  • Real time control: During the performance, the stage light controller supports real-time control. Through the console or mobile device, the brightness, color, movement speed, and other parameters of the dance table lamp can be adjusted at any time to meet the needs of the performance.

  • The combination of LED stage lights and stage light controllers

led stage light working scenarios

LED stage lights have gradually become the mainstream choice for stage lighting due to their energy-saving, environmental protection, high brightness, and long lifespan characteristics. The dance table lamp controller can fully leverage the advantages of LED stage lights, making them more outstanding in performances. Through precise regulation, LED stage lights can transform into rich colors and effects in a short period of time, bringing a stunning audio-visual feast to the audience.

There is no need to worry about the software system of our stage light, it is already built-in into the controller. End users only need to connect to the console to enjoy the latest best-selling stage lights of this model.










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