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Solar Sunshine Powered Smart Folding Arm Solar Street Light

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  • Model: FY-SLT46
  • Color: Black
  • Power: 400-1200W
  • Battery: 18650 lithium
  • Panel: Integrated
  • FY-SLT46





Hot selling products are coming —— Integrated solar street lights, light up your night!

Online and offline bestsellers, quality assurance - This solar street light has received high praise in the lighting categories of Amazon and Temu online, and offline sales are also hot. Quality and reputation coexist, making it your trustworthy choice.

Solar powered, environmentally friendly and energy-saving - Say goodbye to cumbersome wires and expensive electricity bills. Our solar street lights use clean solar energy as energy, which is both environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Absorbs sunlight during the day and automatically lights up at night, without the need for manual operation, simple and convenient.

180 degree foldable support arm, flexible and versatile - The support arm of this street lamp can be freely folded 180 degrees, making it easy to adapt to various environments and installation needs, whether it is in a courtyard, road, or park. Make your lighting more flexible and create personalized lighting effects.

Easy to install, worry free and effortless - no need for professional electrician skills, installation can be completed in just a few steps. Our street lamp design takes into account user convenience, allowing you to enjoy high-tech products while also feeling thoughtful service.

High brightness LED beads illuminate your world - using high-quality LED beads, the light is soft and high brightness, illuminating every corner of the darkness for you. At the same time, the long-life LED design greatly extends the service life of this street lamp.

Safe and waterproof, working 24/7- The product has an IP65 waterproof rating and is not afraid of wind and rain, ensuring stable operation 24/7. Provide strong support for your outdoor lighting.

Large capacity battery, long-lasting endurance - The built-in large capacity lithium battery ensures that the street lights can continue to work even in cloudy and rainy days, without worrying about insufficient power. At the same time, the intelligent control system can effectively manage the electricity level, making the battery life longer.

Diversified design, beautiful and practical - Our solar street lights adopt a simple and fashionable design, with a beautiful and generous appearance, which not only adds a sense of beauty to your outdoor space, but also perfectly integrates with the surrounding environment, enhancing the overall taste.

Intelligent light sensing, automatic switch - built-in light sensor that can automatically switch according to ambient light without manual operation. Whether in bright daylight or dim nights, it can provide you with suitable lighting.

Significantly reducing international shipping costs, affordable and worry free ——

For many cross-border e-commerce and overseas users, high international shipping costs are often a headache. But now, with our integrated solar street lights, this problem will no longer exist! Due to its unique integrated design and foldable support arms, this street lamp greatly reduces space consumption during packaging and transportation, significantly reducing international shipping costs. This means that no matter where you are, you can have this high-quality solar street light at a more affordable price and enjoy a clean and energy-saving lighting experience.

Imagine that you no longer need to hesitate about high shipping costs or wait for long logistics times. Just place an order easily and our integrated solar street lights can be delivered to you quickly and economically.

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Factory tour


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