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Why Do The Goods I Buy From China Always Have Damage? How To Avoid And Solve It?

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There might be many reasons of damage during international transportation of goods, especially fragile items such as lighting fixtures. Here are some common reasons:

1. Improper packaging:

The goods may undergo multiple loading, unloading, and transportation processes. If the packaging is not secure or does not meet transportation requirements, it is easy to cause damage.

box damage from shipment

2. Improper selection of transportation methods:

Different transportation methods come different risks and limitations. If the chosen transportation method is not suitable for the goods, it may lead to damage.

3. Improper loading of goods:

The goods will be subjected to different external forces during transportation, and if loaded improperly, it is easy to cause damage. Therefore, when loading goods, it is necessary to arrange the placement and number of layers of the goods reasonably to avoid sliding, tipping, or collision during transportation.

improper loading

Usually, transportation companies do not arrange the goods according to the shipper's requirements (such as placing fragile items on the top) because they have too many goods to load on the truck, and the order is not fixed, which cannot meet everyone's requirements. Only the goods that arrive first can be loaded on the truck early. If they arrange the goods according to each person's requirements, the cost will increase by at least twice and even more, buyers generally cannot accept such high costs.

To solve the problems of damage during international transportation, the following measures can be taken:

1. More reasonable packaging:

Aks your suppliers to use packaging materials that comply with international transportation standards and ensure that the packaging is firm, waterproof, shockproof, moisture-proof, etc. At the same time, appropriate packaging methods, such as vacuum packaging and foam pad, shall be adopted according to the nature and characteristics of the goods.

Solar street light with foam packaging
Solar street light with good packing

2. Choose the appropriate transportation method:

Based on factors such as the nature of the goods, transportation distance, and transportation time, choose the appropriate transportation method. For some special or large goods, special transportation channels can be used, but the cost will also increase accordingly.

3. Attach fragile labels on the outer box and pay an additional fee to the logistics company for proper placement.

4. Purchase insurance and handle it in a timely manner:

If the goods are damaged or lost during transportation, it is necessary to file a claim with the insurance company in a timely manner. Reasonably determine the responsible party and compensation method in accordance with the contract terms and relevant laws and regulations, and safeguard one's legitimate rights and interests. In this situation, it is usually possible to seek the cooperation of the seller. Although the seller is not responsible, they will support the buyer in making reasonable third-party claims.

Tip (based on our 20+ years of international order transportation experience):

1. Ask your supplier to use edge protection outside cartons (very helpful, basically can reduce 50% of damage)

edge protection to avoid damage

2. Ask your supplier to take clear pictures of the goods when ready packed before shipment, this is to confirm that damages caused by shipping company not your supplier

3. Buying insurance to let shipping company know that you are paying extra fees, normally they would take more care of your packages


Currently, most logistics and express delivery companies accepts the transportation of fragile goods according to the principle of "loss protection, no damage protection", even if customers or businesses purchase insurance, insurance companies will not accept it due to

claims caused by transportation losses. 

Therefore, for fragile goods in the logistics transportation environment, we must seek benefits and avoid harm, continuously develop and improve logistics systems, and enjoy goods along with the convenience brought by the flow environment, starting from the design source, we will further explore step by step to improve the shortcomings in current fragile product packaging design and standardize fragile product packaging install operating standards to reduce the damage rate of fragile items during transportation.

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