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What Kind of Solar Lights Are Suitable To Be Installed on Highways?

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Against the backdrop of the shortage of traditional fossil fuels and increasingly stringent environmental requirements. New energy technologies represented by solar energy, wind energy, etc. have achieved rapid growth. Development. Among them, photovoltaic conversion technology based on solar energy devices is the current stage.

Solar photovoltaic power generation utilizes the "photovoltaic effect" to receive solar energy. The solar radiation energy is converted into electrical energy. The photovoltaic power generation system is divided into independent generators. There are two methods: electric system and grid connected power generation system. Solar street lights on highways are using the independent electric system way.

There are many types of solar lights, while they all have different using scenarios. Based on our Knowledge and experience, below three types of solar lights are highly recommended for highway projects:

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The reasons why we suggest these three types of solar street lights coming below:

1. Luminous: The solar lights will have to come good lighting effectiveness to provide sufficient lighting areas, to keep safety of the road. Basically all in two solar street lights are a good choice, because they can be made of high power, as the solar panel size is not fixed and manufacturers can customize the size and power. They are a best choice for highway projects.

2. Stability: Aluminium solar street lights come more stable due to material features, they are working well in bad weathers including heavy rainy days, storming and boiling hot weathers etc. Aluminium casing normally can work over 25 years without any issues, and the solar panel will work over 30 years. Customers can consider to replace the battery only after five years because they will have about 80 to 85% capacity of original, while they will be working well after five years if customers keep it there.

3. Safety: With aluminium housing, the solar street lights come heavier which are not easy to be stolen, it provides safety use and reduce any potential lost.

4. Anti-corrosion: The highways often being affected by many factors such as humidity and pollution. The anti-corrosion features of aluminium are bringing confidence that they are perfect for such kind of weathers. Regardless of storm, thunder or lightning etc. they will work normally.

5. Environmental friendly: The most important, the recycling features of aluminium meaning that we are making our efforts to protect the planet we are living on. The lights will be recycled after many years when we are replacing with new ones, and this reduces the pollution to the environment.

6. Installation convenience: All in two solar street lights are easier to be installed compared to split type solar street lights, as the lithium battery is inserted into the lamp head.

In conclusion, above mentioned types (High power solar street light, All in two solar street light, Aluminum casing solar street light) are best fit to highway projects.

FY Lighting Group has been focusing on project base solar street lights for over 20 years, they can bring customers fresh knowledge and good buying experience.

Different models come different using scenarios, customers better to contact professional sales persons to get advice before purchasing.

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