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Die-cast Aluminum All in One Integrated Outdoor Motion Sensor Control Solar Street Light for Government Project

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  • Model: FY-SLT66
  • Color: Golden
  • Power: 40-120W
  • Battery: LiFePO4 lithium battery
  • Panel: Integrated
  • FY-SLT66




Die-cast Aluminum All in One Solar Street Light

This aluminium body all in one Solar Street Light was designed by our professional team, it comes five sizes with different specifications (different battery capacity, different panel power, and LED power). It comes inserted motion sensor, which enables energy saving and allow them to work with 2 to 4 rainy days back up.

It comes monocrystalline panel and lithium battery inside, the integrated foam package will provide perfect protection during the shipment to customers. 

It passed Rohs, IP66, FCC, IC, UL etc. And also we can prepare certificates based on customers requirement. 

Everything is customizable.

wide beam angle solar street light

How can I determine which color temperature is better selling in my market when purchasing solar powered lighting fixtures?

Choosing a color temperature that suits market demand requires considering multiple factors, including your brand positioning, target audience, product type, and competitors. Here are some suggestions to help you determine the color temperature that is suitable for the market:

1. Understanding the target audience: Firstly, understand your target audience's preferences and needs for color temperature. Different consumer groups may have different preferences and expectations for color temperature. For example, some consumers may prefer warm tones, while others may prefer cool tones. Through market research and communication with potential customers, you can better understand their needs and preferences.

2. Brand positioning: Consider your brand positioning and values. If your brand values high-end, luxurious, or warm atmosphere, you may choose a lower color temperature, such as 3000k or 3500k. If your brand values a modern, simple, or fresh atmosphere, you may choose a higher color temperature, such as 4000k or 5000k.

3. Product type: Different product types may require different color temperatures to highlight their characteristics and texture. For example, for clothing stores, warm toned lighting may be more suitable for creating a warm and comfortable shopping environment, while cold toned lighting may be more suitable for highlighting the details and texture of clothing. For jewelry stores, higher color temperatures may be more suitable for highlighting the sparkle and shine of jewelry.

4. Competitors: Understand the lighting design of competitors' stores, including the selection of color temperature. This can help you understand market trends and consumer expectations, and choose more competitive color temperatures for your store.

In summary, selecting a color temperature suitable for the market requires comprehensive consideration of multiple factors. We suggest conducting market research, understanding the target audience and competitors, and making decisions based on your brand positioning and product characteristics. Meanwhile, you can also consider consulting professional lighting designers or consultants from FY Lighting Group for more professional advice and guidance.

solar street light CCT

What are the advantages of integrated all in one solar street lights?

The advantages of integrated solar street lights mainly include the following aspects:

1. Energy conservation and environmental protection: Integrated solar street lights use solar energy as their energy source, eliminating the need for electricity consumption, thus achieving the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction. At the same time, it does not produce harmful substances during its operation and is non polluting to the environment, making it a green and environmentally friendly lighting product.

2. Easy installation: Integrated solar street lights do not require complex circuits and cables, making installation simple and convenient, which can greatly reduce installation costs and maintenance difficulties. Meanwhile, as it does not require access to mains power, there is no need to consider the issue of power supply connection during installation, nor does it require destructive construction such as excavation.

3. Low maintenance cost: The maintenance cost of integrated solar street lights is relatively low. Due to its long service life and less susceptibility to damage, it can reduce maintenance frequency and repair costs. Meanwhile, due to its easy installation and maintenance without the need for professional personnel, it can reduce maintenance costs.

4. Strong applicability: Integrated solar street lights are suitable for various environments and scenes, such as parks, squares, roads, parking lots, etc. Meanwhile, as it does not require access to mains power, it can be used in areas or places without power facilities, such as remote mountainous areas, grasslands, etc.

5. Intelligent control: Integrated solar street lights are usually equipped with advanced intelligent control systems, which can achieve multiple lighting modes and brightness adjustments. This design can adjust the lighting intensity according to actual needs, improve the lighting effect, and also further save energy.

6. High safety: The power supply of integrated solar street lights comes from solar panels, without exposed wires and interfaces, greatly reducing safety risks such as electric shock and fire. Meanwhile, as it does not rely on mains power, it can operate normally and provide stable lighting even in case of power grid failure or emergency situations.

7. Long lifespan: The main components of integrated solar street lights, such as solar panels, LED lights, etc., usually have a longer service life. This means that users can enjoy stable lighting services for a longer period of time without the need for frequent equipment replacement.

8. Beautiful and elegant: The design of integrated solar street lights is usually simple and elegant, and can coordinate with various environments and architectural styles. At the same time, its unique solar panel design also adds a sense of technology to it, making street lights not only have lighting functions, but also become a beautiful landscape of the city.

In summary, integrated solar street lights are gradually becoming an important choice for modern urban lighting due to their advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection, easy installation, low maintenance costs, strong applicability, intelligent control, high safety, long lifespan, and beautiful appearance. With the continuous advancement of technology and the expansion of application scenarios, the application prospects of integrated solar street lights will be even broader.











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