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Factory Direct Round Solar Street Garden Light 300w Supre Bright UFO Design

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  • Model: FY-SLT39
  • Color: BK
  • Power: 300-500W
  • Battery: 32650 lithium
  • Panel: Integrated
  • FY-SLT39





Solar panel

6V 15W poly

Lithium battery


Charging time


Working time


Working mode

Radar sensor + light control + time control + remote control



Color temperature


Lamp Size


Color box size




IP Grade


Light source type

120PCS  2835SMD





CTN weight


CTN size



2 years

Why is it called UFO light?

The UFO courtyard lamp is a uniquely designed outdoor light fixture that resembles a flying saucer in science fiction movies, hence its name. This type of lamp is commonly used for lighting in outdoor places such as courtyards, gardens, parks, etc.

The design of UFO courtyard lights is very unique, usually installed in a hanging style with a point light source in the middle, which can emit soft light and create a mysterious and romantic atmosphere. Meanwhile, its lamp body is usually made of high-strength ADC12 die cast aluminum material, which has the characteristics of high mechanical strength, safety and reliability. The light transmitting cover is made of high-quality milky white polymeric carbon fiber material, which has the advantages of high light transmittance, ultraviolet resistance, aging resistance, etc., and can protect the light source and extend the service life of the lamp.

The installation of UFO courtyard lights is also relatively convenient, usually using a foolproof installation method. Simply follow the steps in the manual to complete the installation. At the same time, this type of lighting fixture also has certain energy-saving and environmental protection performance, usually using solar powered or LED low-power design, which can effectively save energy and reduce environmental pollution.

In short, UFO courtyard lights are a very unique, beautiful, and practical outdoor lighting product that can add a sense of mystery and romantic atmosphere to outdoor places.

What is special about UFO courtyard lights compared to other courtyard lights?

1. Design innovation: The design inspiration for UFO courtyard lights comes from flying saucers, with a unique and unique appearance that can attract people's attention. This innovative design makes UFO courtyard lights stand out in courtyard lighting, becoming a unique landscape.

2. High performance material: The body of the UFO courtyard lamp is made of ADC12 die casting, which has high mechanical strength and reliability, ensuring the stability and durability of the lamp. At the same time, the transparent cover is made of high-quality milky white polymer carbon fiber, which has high intensity, soft light, and good UV resistance, ensuring the service life and lighting effect of the lamp.

3. Multifunctionality and adjustability: Compared to traditional courtyard lights, UFO courtyard lights typically have more functionality and adjustability. For example, it can choose different bead colors according to needs, such as white light, warm light, colored light, etc., providing diverse lighting effects. In addition, UFO courtyard lights can also adjust brightness and color to meet the needs of different scenes, creating a romantic and dreamy courtyard night scene.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection: UFO courtyard lights usually use high-efficiency energy-saving light sources such as LED, which have lower energy consumption and longer service life compared to traditional incandescent or fluorescent lamps. This not only helps to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, but also saves users the cost of maintaining and replacing lighting fixtures.

Factory tour

Factory tour


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