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Outdoor Solar Powered Street Lights for Garden Ufo Shape Solar Led Square Light

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  • Model: FY-SLT39
  • Color: BK
  • Power: 300-500W
  • Battery: 32650 lithium
  • Panel: Integrated
  • FY-SLT39





Solar panel

6V 15W poly

Lithium battery


Charging time


Working time


Working mode

Radar sensor + light control + time control + remote control



Color temperature


Lamp Size


Color box size




IP Grade


Light source type

120PCS  2835SMD





CTN weight


CTN size



2 years

This solar light fixture is in the shape of a UFO. The size of this fixture is particularly large, and the transportation cost is very high. Is there a reasonable way to reduce my transportation cost?

1. Integrated packaging of support arm lamps: Through clever design, we package the support arm and lamps together, effectively reducing the use of packaging materials, lowering packaging costs, and also reducing space occupation during transportation, thereby reducing transportation costs.

2. Increase procurement quantity: By increasing procurement quantity, we can enjoy more favorable wholesale prices and utilize container space to further improve transportation efficiency and reduce transportation costs per unit product.

3. Choose sea freight to port: Compared to air and land transportation, although sea freight takes longer, its cost is lower. We can choose to ship the lighting fixtures by sea to the port, and then transport them by land or short distance to the destination, thereby significantly reducing transportation costs.

What is the market prospect of this lighting fixture? Due to the size, the unit price received is slightly higher. Do I have any profit margin to sell? What channels can I use to research market demand and competition intensity?

1. Promotion of environmental policies: With the increasing global attention to environmental issues, governments around the world are vigorously promoting clean energy and environmentally friendly products. Solar courtyard lights, as an environmentally friendly and energy-saving lighting product, comply with national environmental policies and green development directions, and therefore have great market potential.

2. Consumer demand growth: With the improvement of people's living standards and living environment, the demand for outdoor lighting products is also constantly increasing. As a beautiful and practical lighting product, solar courtyard lights can meet the needs of consumers for outdoor lighting, so the market demand prospects are broad.

3. Market competition: The solar courtyard light market is fiercely competitive, with numerous brands and models in the market. Therefore, in order to stand out in the market, it is necessary to constantly innovate and improve product quality, while formulating reasonable pricing strategies to ensure that products have sufficient competitiveness.

Regarding the issue of transportation costs, higher transportation costs do indeed increase the unit price of goods received, thereby affecting the sales profit of the product. However, this does not mean that sufficient profits cannot be obtained. When pricing, transportation costs can be considered and a reasonable pricing strategy can be formulated based on market demand and competitive conditions. In addition, optimizing supply chain management and reducing production costs can also increase the profit margin of products.

To investigate the market demand and competitive intensity of UFO solar courtyard lights, the following methods can be used:

1. Online search: Use search engines or social media channels to search for keywords related to UFO solar courtyard lights, understand brand, model, price and other information in the market, as well as consumer evaluations and feedback on the product.

2. Industry Report: Refer to relevant industry reports and analyses to understand the overall size, growth trends, and market share of major brands in the solar courtyard light market.

3. Attend exhibitions: Participate in exhibitions and events related to solar courtyard lights, communicate with industry professionals, and learn about the latest market trends and trends.

4. Questionnaire survey: By conducting a questionnaire survey, we aim to gather information from the target consumer group on their understanding, needs, and purchasing intentions towards UFO solar courtyard lights.

Factory tour

Factory tour


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